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What do we do?

ForexBrokers.co was created to be the complete trader’s guide to trading and succeeding in the forex market.

Every single article on this blog is written for traders by traders with several years of experience trading currencies, stocks, commodities and stock indices. Our content is not just a regurgitation of theory from textbooks or course materials without practical experiences to back them up. Every trader needs to approach the market armed with information from someone who has been there, seen it all and done it all. Information is power, and those who have it will always triumph over others in everything in life, especially the forex market.

All financial markets are interconnected, and nothing happens in one market in isolation of the other. A news release like the Non-Farm Payrolls affects global currencies, commodities and the value of the various stock exchanges the world over. The only way a trader can survive in this fast-paced environment is being armed with practical hands-on information and experience garnered from exposure to the happenings in all the global financial markets.

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What can you Learn at ForexBrokers.co?

At ForexBrokers.co, we teach you everything from the starting point to the point of reaping the returns of your trading experience. We show you who the best brokers are and expose those whose only mission is to scam you of your hard earned money. Not made up stuff, but real information from those who have had the experiences. We show you where to get the best deals; lowest spreads, transparent pricing, speedy withdrawals and where you can put your money with peace of mind. We show you live trade examples and give you trading strategies that work. We also show you what software can enhance your trading skills and put your bank account in the green.  If you’re looking to trade on your mobile, we also rate the best mobile Forex apps for the iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

Contributors to ForexBrokers.co are drawn from experienced traders who have been involved in the market in different capacities: as traders, educators, introducing brokers and analysts. This ensures that everything you get here is the most accurate information regarding all the knotty issues that have bothered you in your search for the holy grail of online currency trading.

Our Team:

The team at ForexBrokers.co includes a number of experienced trading writers, editors and freelance contributors.  In addition, if you’d like to get in touch with us and contribute then feel free to contact us here.

  • John – John is a our lead writer at ForexBrokers.co.  He writes many of the advanced trading articles on our site and has years of experience trading the Forex, commodities and options markets.
  • Thad – Thad runs his own Forex portals and is a regular contributor to the blog on this site.  His expert analysis and market commentary helps provide an interesting edge to our articles and features.
  • Nadia – Nadia is a professional journalist and updates the site with the latest news in the industry.  This includes new MT4 software, brokers, licensing and regulation.
  • Adam – Adam is the head of ForexBrokers.co and manages the content topics of the site and plans future sections and updates.  He also negotiates deals with advertisers and leads the brand marketing division.

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