An Intro to FX Solutions’ MetaTrader 4 Platform

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For someone who is looking out for a forex trading platform, the options are virtually unlimited. There are some big names that have already made their mark and there are some upcoming companies that are offering platforms with potential to give the established platforms a run for their money.

The MetaTrader 4 platform, also referred to as the MT4 trading platform, is considered by many traders as the benchmark in the world of retail online forex trading . Here is how you can use the MT4 platform to your advantage, with its multitude of trading options and other associated services.

Host of Features

The most attractive feature of the MT4 trading platform is the multitude of trading and other associated options it offers to its customers. Those options are the reason why MT4 is considered one of the top players in the online forex trading platform industry.

One of those options is a facility where you can create a chart that will diagrammatically depict your trading ventures. There is also a feature which will allow you to devise your trading strategies for the day and the future, using sophisticated computer programming. The programming itself is very simple and straightforward but the processor is extremely capable and if used properly, it can help you make handsome profits.

A Few Other Features of MT4 Trading Platform

There are a few other options of the MT4 trading platform that you must make use of without fail. The ‘Fixed Spreads’ is one of them that allows you a degree of security in terms of the profit you earn. You should also use the pricing, which is displayed by the MT4 trading platform only. The reason behind this is that pricing is the derivative of a group called EBS, an institution which is considered as a global benchmark in forex pricing.

Coming to leverage ratios, you have three different options which can start from 20:1 and go up to 50:1. Unlike many other online forex trading platforms, MT4 does not charge you an extra fee in the form of commission for your trades. Instead, the compensation is derived from the bid itself.

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