Auto Trading Platform from Zulu Trade Available to Divisa Capital Customers

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Divisa Capital, a New Zealand based trading broker, has formed an association with, the biggest automated peer-to-peer Forex trading exchange. This will allow the customers of Divisa Capital to make use of this automated trading platform and ensure that emotions will not wreck havoc with their online trading.

Access to 55,000 Software-ranked Traders

Due to this new alliance between the companies, the customers of Divisa Capital can have access to the complete network of ZuluTrade which includes 55,000 traders, ranked by an algorithm specially designed for it. It will also give them access to the proprietary system, which has the facility to enable traders in tracking down and emulating the trading activities of the best performing traders of ZuluTrade from around the world. This will help in identifying the profitable options and trading on them.

Network of Signal Providers Aid Traders

ZuluTrade has a network of signal providers which will aid the brokers in following the most profitable trading options available. Since the brokers have the access to the signals from signal providers, the customers associated with the brokers can access it through the automated system.

The automated system will follow the trading activities of the signal providers by itself and ensure that the customers get the most profitable trading options. ZuluTrade’s signal providers are very reliable since they are periodically reviewed on the basis of factors such as profit and loss data, the duration they have served at the company, draw-down performance, etc.

Representatives Express Happiness about the Association

Leon Yohai, the founder of ZuluTrade expressed his happiness over the association with Divisa Capital and said that he was excited about the future prospects of both companies. He said that both the companies have an inclination to use technology to their advantage and will also benefit the customers greatly. He said that the biggest challenge faced by traders today is the limited time they have to analyse markets and the use of technology will help them in this. He said that the members of Divisa Capital will realise the value of this association and actively use the ZuluTrade platform.

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