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Open an Account at and Receive Cash Rebates worth up to 1.3 Pips per Lot at Sites such as InstaForex, AvaFX, FXCM and others! Review

Cash Back Forex is the original broker who started the trend of offering rebates on trades that you make. Many people are initially sceptical when they encounter this offer, because they don’t understand how it’s possible for them to pay you for trading. They’re able to offer this rebate because they’re an introducing broker, meaning that they refer clients to full service brokers that execute their trades. When you open an account with a recommended broker, Cash Back Forex earns a commission, and they share a portion of that commission with you.

Range Of Markets Offered By Cash Back Forex

Cash Back Forex has a very wide selection of Forex brokers for you to choose from, and therefore you’re able to trade many other financial instruments in addition to the major Forex pairs and crosses. You’ll be able to trade gold, silver, oil, gasoline, wheat, soybeans, the Dow Jones, S&P 500 and many international indices and shares as well.

Cash Back Forex Pip Spreads And Margins

With Cash Back Forex, you’ll be able to pick and choose between their wide range of affiliated Forex brokers, which means that you can get the very best spread. Many of the brokers offer a 2 pip spread on the EUR/USD and USD/JPY, and you can even get a 1 pip spread if you open an ECN account with them. You’re also able to obtain leverage of up to 500:1 with some of the brokers, which means that you only need to put up 200 units of the base currency as margin for one full sized contract.

The Cash Back Forex Difference

The difference between opening a free account with Cash Back Forex instead of going to your preferred broker directly is that you’ll be able to get a rebate by trading with CBF. Cash Back Forex does not artificially inflate the spread you pay when you go through them, so ultimately you’re getting a very favorable spread when you trade with them. You can get a rebate of 0.7 to 1.3 pips per round turn lot traded with many of the brokers, including FXCM UK, InstaForex, AvaFx and FxOpen, to name a few.

Open an Account at and Receive Cash Rebates worth up to 1.3 Pips per Lot at Sites such as InstaForex, AvaFX, FXCM and others!

Cash Back Forex Online Trading Platform & Mobile Trading

Most of the brokers affiliated with Cash Back Forex do offer a no-download web platform to allow you to trade on the go, as well as full iPhone and iPad support. It’s never been easier to manage your trades anywhere and everywhere you are with these standard features. Of course, each broker will have their own unique web platform features and mobile trading features, so do take that into consideration when you’re selecting your broker.

Cash Back Forex Trading Tools & Education

Cash Back Forex do not offer any trading tools or Forex education themselves, but most of their brokers will offer you at least a pip calculator, important Forex economic calendar dates and a full suite of Forex education modules covering basic and advanced Forex topics.

Opening An Account With Cash Back Forex

The biggest benefit of opening an account with Cash Back Forex is that you’ll receive a generous rebate for each trade that you make. The rebate offer made by CBF is unmatched anywhere else, even by the executing brokers themselves. So, why not use the rebates given to you by Cash Back Forex to give yourself an edge in your trading? You can open an account with them for free today, simply by selecting one of their affiliated brokers to trade with. Whether you’re a new or experienced Forex trader, you’ll definitely benefit from Cash Back Forex’s generous rebate offer!


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