US-Friendly Forex Brokers

Opening a US-Friendly Forex Account

For us to understand the basis of opening a US-friendly forex account, we need to understand the background behind this concept, and this will take us to the taxation policies and brokerage account requirements that are required of US citizens and residents in … more

UK Forex Brokers

Top UK Forex Accounts

In order to operate a UK forex account, the trader must open such an account with a licensed UK forex broker. In the United Kingdom, the business of regulation of the forex industry is the job of the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

Opening a UK … more

Singapore Forex Brokers

Forex Trading Accounts Singapore

Singapore is classified as one of the Asian Tigers; it is a country which attracts a lot of businessmen and tourists every year. This is buttressed by the fact that Facebook co-owner Eduardo Saverin has just renounced his US citizenship and taken residence in … more

Indian Forex Brokers

Forex Trading Information and Regulation in India

The subject of whether traders are allowed to carry out forex trading in India is indeed a very controversial one. The confusion arises principally because of the policies that the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), which is the Indian central bank, … more

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