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Swing Crossover Forex Trading System

This forex trading system is a complex system which should only be used by experienced traders. Such traders must also have large account sizes on broker platforms that permit the use of micro lots in trading so that the trading account can absorb the effects of drawdowns that could possibly … more

EMA and ADX Trading Strategy

The aim of this trading strategy is to target points at which the currency pair has a potential for price reversal. This strategy uses some indicators as well as other means of strengthening the signal such as the position of the price action relative to the pivot points, or the … more

Compare Forex Spreads

Comparison of Spreads between Forex Brokers

There are always two prices that make up a price quote in the forex market; the bid and the ask prices. The bid price is the price at which the broker is willing to buy the currency asset from the trader, and … more

Forex Automated Trading Strategies

Forex Automated Trading Strategies

Forex automated trading strategies are a great way for busy traders and inexperienced traders to gain a leg up in their Forex trading. As the name suggests, these strategies are pre-programmed and will run automatically on your trading platform without the need for you to do any … more

Understanding Risk Management in Forex

The Basics Of Risk Management In Forex

Risk management is vital in Forex, especially if you’re new to the whole trading scene. Many new traders get lured to the markets with the promises of huge gains and double or triple figure percentage returns, but what brokers won’t tell you is that … more

What is the Spread – Forex Trading

Example: Broker Showing the Difference Between the Bid/Ask Price

Have you ever wondered what is the spread and why it exists?

For the uninitiated, the bid is the best selling price on offer, and the ask is the best buying price on offer. There’s always a difference between the bid and … more

What is the Margin in Forex?

What is Margin?

So what is margin anyway? It’s a term that all of us Forex traders know that we need to have in our account to open up a trade and to keep it open, but how exactly does it work? Well, essentially, your margin is a deposit for the … more

What is Leverage in Forex?

How does Leverage work in Forex?

So what is leverage anyway, and how does it work in Forex? You’ve seen Forex brokers advertise that they offer leverage of 100:1, 200:1 or even 500:1. Basically, when you are offered 100:1 leverage, what that means is that you get to borrow up to … more

What is Forex? A Beginner’s Guide To The Mechanics Of Forex

What is Forex? Strictly speaking, Forex is short for Foreign Exchange, which is the activity of exchanging one currency for another. This can be simply for the purposes of buying something from another country, or to have the valid currency on hand on your travels. However, in recent times, Forex … more

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