Forex Automated Trading Strategies

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Forex Automated Trading Strategies

Forex automated trading strategies are a great way for busy traders and inexperienced traders to gain a leg up in their Forex trading. As the name suggests, these strategies are pre-programmed and will run automatically on your trading platform without the need for you to do any of the analysis or trade management. You could literally be away from your computer for the whole day, and the automated trading software would do the trading for you. While this may sound like a dream in theory, in reality there are still a lot of considerations and work involved in succeeding with Forex automated trading strategies. Here’s the lowdown of what you need to know to beat the market.

Avoiding Scam Automated Trading Systems

Due to the nature of automated trading systems, where even people with no trading experience can leverage on such a system to help them profit from the Forex market, there are many false claims and even scams that clutter up the marketplace. Typically, these scam systems will make wild claims of triple digit percentage returns within a ridiculously short period of time to entice unsuspecting people using the emotional triggers of greed and fear. I personally doubt that any of these systems have any merit at all, but if you wish to try them out, do so with caution.

When I am searching for a good automated trading system, I prefer to see reasonable but consistent returns. These systems tend to go the distance because they have a good balance between risk and reward, which should be the aim for any serious Forex trader regardless of how they trade. You can often view the historical trade data for the system before you make your final decision, so be sure to check that it doesn’t have any wild swings in equity in between or a few good trades that produced the majority of the profits. These are both signs of a system that is more likely to have been “lucky” than good in that particular testing period.

Good Forex Automated Trading Strategies

Personally, I’ve encountered a few solid Forex automated trading strategies that I would be happy to share with you here. First of all, one of the best automated systems that I know of that is based on a very solid strategy is Forex Morning Trade. Forex Morning Trade is based on the phenomenon in the market around the time of the London Open where the liquidity from all the European traders hit the market, moving it significantly in one direction or another. By analyzing the preceding market conditions and placing a low risk and high reward trade when the conditions are right, Forex Morning Trade has generated above average returns in the past year and more that it has been available to the general public.

Another top system is called Forex Bulletproof, which is more of a scalping system that aims to take small but consistent profits from the market over time. While this system doesn’t return as much per trade as the Forex Morning Trade system, it makes more trades per day which boosts its overall profits as it accumulates trades. The only downside of the Forex Bulletproof system is that it can go through many quiet spells if the conditions aren’t favorable to trade, which is actually a good thing when you think about it because these are periods that you would want to stay out of the market anyway.

The Final Word On Forex Automated Trading Strategies

All in all, the beauty of Forex automated trading strategies is that you don’t have to be an expert trader or a trader with a lot of time to spend trading each day to achieve a high level of profits. With the help of an automated system like Forex Morning Trade and Forex Bulletproof, you can overcome your shortcomings and profit from the Forex market like a pro.

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