Forex No Deposit Bonuses

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Forex No Deposit Bonuses Explained

Prior to 2007, the concept of issuing bonuses to traders to trade forex was non-existent. But as the number of brokers mushroomed and the market place became a lot more competitive, brokers had to discover new ways of getting clients at reduced marketing costs. That was when we began to see bonuses being issued to traders. These bonuses required that traders initially fund their accounts with certain amounts in order to benefit from the bonus offer.

However, we have begun to see a shifting trend where brokers now issue bonuses to traders without necessarily requiring them to deposit funds in their trading accounts. These “no-deposit” forex account bonuses are becoming increasingly popular and being deployed by several brokers.

How does the no-deposit bonus facility work? Usually, the trader is required to participate in forex contests. The call is issued out on forex online forums, Google ads and other social media networks for traders to participate in the forex demo trading contest organized by the broker issuing the bonus. The traders are sent a link with which to open a demo account with the broker. When the contest is done, the winners are asked to open live accounts and the proceeds of their winnings paid into their new live accounts as trading capital. Traders would then have to generate a certain amount of spread commission in order to be able to withdraw from that account. At other times, the trader may be asked to deposit his own funds at a much later date in order to be able to withdraw his no-deposit bonus.

Whatever the case, the no-deposit forex account bonus is a very good way for a trader who is cash-strapped to raise emergency funds for trading. Not to mention that this can be an avenue for free money or gift items, especially as some forex brokers are now spicing up the game with offers of gift items such as smartphones and accessories. Let us now take a look at some brokers who offer no-deposit forex bonuses.

Best Forex No Deposit Bonuses 2017:


eToro provides a $100 no-deposit bonus to traders, in partnership with Intellitraders. This is how it works. The trader signs up for a real money account with eToro via the Intellitraders website. The real account login details are then entered into the appropriate box on Intellitrader’s eToro page. The trader is then given a demo account with $10,000 account balance. In order to unlock a $50 no-deposit forex bonus, the trader must grow the demo account to $11,500 and place at least 50 Standard Lot trades. This is now credited to the trader’s eToro real money account. The trader must then generate another 50 Standard Lot trades in order to unlock the second $50, making a total of $100.

With these two brokers, you can get your no-deposit forex bonus right away.


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