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Open a Live Account at FXCM with a Minimum Deposit of Just $50 and Trade from 2.6 Pips with 200:1 Leverage!

FXCM.co.uk Forex Review

FXCM is one of the largest Forex brokers in the world, and they are certainly considered to be among the best brokers you can trade with as well. They were founded in 1999, and their UK branch is not only fully compliant with the local Financial Services Authority (FSA), they have been granted the right to operate in a number of EU countries as well, including Italy, France, Germany and Greece. They are renowned for their straight through processing of trades, abhorring the use of dealing desk execution practiced by many brokers worldwide. You are free to implement any kind of trading strategy with them, which includes scalping and news release trading without any issues or rejections.

Range of Markets Offered

Obviously, you will be able to trade all the majors, minors and crosses with FXCM.co.uk, including the ever popular EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD and AUD/USD, just to name a few. You will also be able to trade major stock indices like the FTSE and the DOW, energies like natural gas and crude oil, metals like gold and silver, commodities like wheat, soybeans and corn and even do spread betting if you are a resident of the UK or Ireland.

Spreads and Margins Offered By FXCM

FXCM.co.uk offers leverage of up to 200:1 on your positions, and they provide competitive spreads for all currency pairs. You will typically be able to get a 2.6 pips spread on the EUR/USD, 2.4 pips spread on the USD/JPY, 3.1 pips spread on the GBP/USD and a 2.7 pips spread on the AUD/USD. You will only need to put up $80 margin for the EUR/USD and most Euro based pairs, $90 for the GBP/USD and most Pound based pairs, $50 for the USD/JPY and most US dollar based pairs and $60 for the AUD/USD and most Aussie dollar based pairs.

Open a Live Account at FXCM with a Minimum Deposit of Just $50 and Trade from 2.6 Pips with 200:1 Leverage!

Features FXCM’s Online Trading Platform & Mobile Trading

FXCM.co.uk has a range of trading platform options for you, from their own proprietary trading software, full Metatrader 4 support and a powerful online trading platform. Recently, they have introduced mobile trading capabilities as well. Their FXCM Trading Station Advanced software has won many prestigious awards, including best retail trading platform by FX Week.

With FXCM.co.uk, you can log in to any of these trading platforms using just one account, which means that you can open and manage your positions on the go, whether you’re on another computer, on your mobile or when you get back home. You have the ability to place stop and limit orders on individual trade tickets, hedge your positions and even utilize dynamic trailing stops to further protect your positions.

Trading Tools, Online Charts & Education Resources

FXCM.co.uk provides excellent support for new and experienced traders alike, and they provide free Forex education in the form of Forex trading guides, webinars and courses that you can access on the site. You can open a free demo account with them as well if you would like to test out your Forex trading strategies before you trade them on your live account.

Minimum Deposit Requirements

The minimum required deposit for a standard Forex account is $2,000, which will allow you to trade energies, metals, indices and Forex all on the same platform. If you don’t have enough to open a full standard account, you also have the option of opening a micro account, which will only require a minimum deposit of $50 to start. With the micro account, you will be able to open smaller 1k lot positions, which are ideal for you to get hands on trading experience before trading full sized contracts.

All in all, FXCM.co.uk is without a doubt one of the top Forex brokers around, so if you’re still looking for the best broker to start with, I would certainly recommend opening an account with them.

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