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Forex EA Review: Ignac EA

The use of forex robots is perhaps one of the most exciting and yet controversial topics in forex. Some love it, and others hate it with an intense hatred. I know an individual who made $50,000 in a single seminar where he introduced a forex robot in the first ever seminar held in his country. Today he is a millionaire after investing his money in the alternative energy sector. Many people who bought his EA were disappointed as it failed to live up to its hype.

This story has been replicated in several countries where traders buy forex robots with their hard-earned money and only make the owners of these EAs rich while the EAs wreck havoc on forex accounts. There are hundreds of thousands of expert advisors out there on the internet. You will hardly see any that talks about the drawbacks. So if all of them were as good as they claim to be, why are many traders complaining?

While a few have shown promise and do deliver good returns, up to 90% of expert advisors are simply junk products that seem very adept at doing the exact opposite of what they were designed to do.

But are all EAs that bad? Apparently this is not the case, because in this article, we will review IgnacEA, an EA that actually seems to be getting the desired results. Take a look at a snapshot of its performance on the charts.  (You can also read my other article where I detail a live trade with IgnacEA).

The statistics do not lie. 6 out of 7 trades won for the intra-day variety of this EA. Now look at the performance of the scalpers’ version of the EA.


There are several features about this EA that make it stand out.

1)    The strategy behind the EA was developed and modifications made after testing the EA extensively for a period of 2 years.

2)    The EA has an extensive risk management system that does not open more than 2 trades at a time, and does not subject more than 5% of the trader’s capital to market exposure at any given time.

3)    The standard version of the IgnacEA forex robot has a 70 – 87.5% profitability rate. It does not open positions everyday; it only opens positions it is sure of winning according to the programmed strategy. No estimates have been done for the scalpers’ version, but the results are encouraging as you can see from the image above.

The IgnacEA forex robot is available for a free trial evaluation/demonstration on Myfxbook. That way, traders purchasing the rights to its use are sure of what they are buying. Traders can always walk away if they find the product unsatisfactory.

As you can see from the trade results, the IgnacEA does in fact experience moments when it posts trade losses. However, the risk management factor ensured that losses are kept to a minimum, while profitable trades are maximized as a result of the EA only trading when the market conditions are favourable.

The IgnacEA forex robot is available at a cost of $360 for an annual license, which is renewable annually. It is presently not being advertised commercially, but interested traders can indicate their interest in obtaining a user license from the blog owners.

The truth is that in the world of retail forex trading, there are far more losers than winners (a 19:1 ratio), and it is the losers who finance the profits of the winners. Frankly, the forex markets are not a place for the weak at heart or the naive, and it is the trader’s responsibility to decide on which side of the divide he wants to be in.

The IgnacEA is positioned to keep its users on the winning side of the divide. But it is advised to only use it on forex trading platforms where the brokers allow its use and will not penalize the trader for using it. DO not forget that when using a dealing desk broker, it is you the trader versus the broker. You win, they lose.  IgnacEA will keep you on the winning side, so make sure you trade with brokers who are not sore losers or better still, brokers who are not fraudulent losers.

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