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FXCash Review

Are you looking for a way to monetize your Forex website or blog? Forget about searching high and low for many different types of products to promote to your audience, because with FXCash you have an all in one revenue model that will reward you richly for every qualified lead that you send to them. FXCash is a complete affiliate revenue center that features all kinds of products, from Forex brokers to Forex signals and information products. They have a very generous reward scheme for every affiliate, paying from two to five dollars per lead or thirty percent of the lifetime customer value of the lead you introduce into their program.

Traditionally, as a Forex affiliate, you would have to put in a lot of effort to research and select products to offer on your website, and even with all this hassle chances are your products aren’t converting as well as they should. Not to mention that you’ll be dealing with many different vendors with many different payment methods, which is all just too hard if you ask me. On the other hand, with FXCash, you’re skipping all this hassle and bother and going straight to the core of things – making a fair reward for your efforts online.

So How Does FXCash Work?

When you sign up with FXCash, you tap into a huge network of potential offers that you can pick and choose from to monetize your website, and all your payments are collected in one place for a simple and easy payment. Sure, there are other affiliate marketplaces out there, but how many of them offers you the opportunity to benefit over and over again from just the one lead that you send to them? That’s right, FXCash will continue to credit you for profitable actions such as signing up for a brokerage account, signing up for a signals service, buying an ebook or a course and so on. Each time your lead does one or more of these actions, you earn a commission whether it’s a month or a year after you send them to FXCash. FXCash is actively promoting products to your customers as well, so you know that you have ample opportunity to be rewarded just for referring your leads.

This is how you can benefit from FXCash’s revenue sharing model, but what if you prefer to get paid simply on a “per lead” basis? Well, FXCash has that option for you as well if you’d rather just get paid for each lead that signs up for free on their website. They pay anywhere between $0.50-$5 per lead depending on the type of products your lead opts in for, and these includes a wide range of products including Forex education, trading accounts, signals services and more. Obviously, you’ll have the potential to earn more money through their revenue sharing program, but if you’d just rather get the money upfront without waiting for your traffic to convert, then this may be your best possible option.

How Can You Promote FXCash?

If you have an existing Forex audience on your website or blog, then you can simply incorporate their marketing materials into your content right away and profit. Another simple way to do it is to add it to your forum signature and lead people to sign up for it through your contributions in the Forex community. If you’re very savvy with search engine optimization and leveraging keywords and landing pages to drive traffic, you can leverage FXCash’s wide collection of marketing materials to quickly build up a network of highly converting mini sites to build the steady stream of leads into their network. Regardless of what methods you use, there’s a tremendous opportunity to profit here so why not sign up for their free program and starting earning money for your online Forex efforts today?

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